Update Log

Functionality Update and General Plan

15 February 2020

Recent updates added general functionality alongside content/data correction. The UI is essentually complete, not including the country/theater navigator that will come soon. Here is the general timeline of what will be added over the coming months:

  1. Country Selector
    The country selector will allow you to sort events by country, only displaying countries selected.
  2. Theater Selector
    The theater selector will allow you to select the theater of war, only displaying events from specific theaters.
  3. Mobile Compatibility
    Obviously important, it's basic for the main timeline right now, but nothing else.
  4. Links to Articles
    For Specific events there will be external links to articles about that event.

This is the main plan at this time. If you have any sugestions, as always, let me know.

year navigator

Pre-War Timeline!

12 January 2020

As you can probably see, there is now a Pre-War timeline. Same formatting, just containing information leading up to the war. Go check it out! Another idea is a basic search function, this could be very useful for quickly finding things for people that are not aware of CTRL + F.

year navigator

UI Update

02 January 2020

Again, because this is a direct copy of the information on Wikipedia I want to focus on the actual usefulness of this webpage. At this point, my main idea is to have the ability to sort by country and theater of war. Now that the timeline data itself is imported I can focus on the UI and other functionality. I also plan to add a pre-war timeline for events leading up to the war. Another idea is to add more interactivity to single events including images and links to articles that can help the user learn more about each event. Currently, the only added functionality is a year navigator.

year navigator

Focus on Usefulness

30 December 2019

I have finally updated the UI so it is no longer repulsive to look at. I also added a few hover actions so buttons actually act like buttons. This is just a side project so it isn't too important to me to work on it too quickly. The next thing that I want to work on is adding a pre-war timeline as I have talked about previously. This will be identical to the main war timeline, but with information from 1918 up to the start of the war. Again, any reccomendations would be appreciated.

year navigator

Importing Information

28 December 2019

Everything is fairly barebones right now. I'm currently in the process of importing all of the events, mostly by hand because it's faster than writing and debugging a script. I'm a bit lazy sometimes. The only source of information is Wikipedia at this time. Because the formating is different on each page of Wikipedia it has been a pain. Although it is a direct copy of the information on Wikipedia I hope that this webpage eventually becomes more useful because with the help of sorting tools on this webpage. If you have any recommendations please send them my way at timelinewwii@gmail.com. Below is the current state of the webpage: